It's Time To Have Your Voice Heard

Having and maintaining access to affordable energy starts with all of us. To keep up with demand for energy that is produced here instead of imported from foreign sources means making sure we can expand our current infrastructure. The last energy report from the US Department of Energy (DOE) states that “nearly 70% of energy consumed in the United States comes from oil and natural gas products”. That won’t change tomorrow, and to ensure we can get it to families and businesses here and around the world, pipelines are the fastest, safest and most efficient way to get those products to these people.

Now is your chance to help ensure that affordable energy is available for those who cannot afford a spike in utility bills, especially while they are having to decide whether to buy a gift for their kids this holiday season, or keep the lights and heat on. Even better, the project poses no threat to the environment, wildlife or residents of Texas, it’s 24 miles off the coast – reducing emission in Corpus Christi and Port Aransas, and continues to keep our economy on track during these hard times.

It’s easy to support Bluewater!  All you have to do is:

  1. Write your own note of support or copy and paste the one below;
  2. Then click the link below to sign the docket to leave a comment and help ensure the Bluewater Texas (BWTX) Terminal project in Corpus Christi gets built.


The Coastal Bend is known for its great beaches, fun outdoor activities, and tourism; but it’s also known for being a primary energy hub for our country and a place where people from our communities live and work.

As Texan’s we have a sense of pride about what we do and we know the impact we make here and around the world by giving people access to energy – and we’re proud to do so!

Critical energy projects, like Bluewater Texas Deepwater Port are important for our state and our country to provide economic growth as we try to recover the tens of thousands of jobs and other economic losses that stem from the pandemic.

In addition to aiding our economic recovery, the project will also reduce impacts to our environment and lower emissions that are occurring now through a similar process that loads oil onto tankers – by replacing it. An extra layer of scrutiny under the watchful eye of the EPA will be good for our communities and bring more overview to the fill-up process already taking place.

I urge you to please move forward with permitting the Bluewater Port, as our state, and our region need all the benefits this project will bring to our communities through this efficient and sustainable solution.