Get Past the Noise, and Beyond the Bend

What is Beyond the Bend?

Beyond the Bend is breaking down all the information on the new project coming to town called Bluewater, being built by Phillips 66 and Trafigura. We’re going to translate all the industry jargon and explore the ins and outs of the project together so everyone understands what it means – and what it will do for our community. Beyond the Bend breaks it down so everyone can understand what’s being done to preserve our unique Coastal Bend environment, what economic opportunities will be created, and how it will reflect on our Texas heritage and can-do spirit. We’re here to get past the noise and Beyond the Bend.

What do you need to know about Bluewater, one of the latest projects under review in Port Aransas?

What is Bluewater?

It’s a new mono-buoy project, but what does that mean, and what all does it entail? Find out here.

What about safety and the environment?

When you live near the water, it sure is important to ask questions about what is being done to preserve the wildlife and the ecosystem they’re part of. Click here to see what’s being done.

What's in it for the community?

It’s not just the environment we care about, it’s our community too. So when a big project comes in, of course, everyone wants to know what it will bring in terms of jobs, economic output, and money for the things in the community we care about. Want to know how it all starts? Click here.

How do projects like this get approved?

The process for getting projects permitted and approved isn’t a secret, but there is a lot to it. In this quick write up we go into how that process works.

Frequently Misunderstood Issues (FMIs)

When organizations start projects in cities and towns across the country, the response is always the same, “What will it entail and what does that mean for me, my neighborhood, and my community?”

That’s because you’re busy living your life and dealing with your own challenges. It’s hard to find time for yourself, much less become an expert on complex infrastructure projects. When we don’t have a direct line to ask questions, we naturally get nervous. Add in misinformation campaigns where the loudest voices are heard and the next thing you know is that you don’t know what you should know. (Whoa, now we’re confused.)

You’re probably thinking, “How can I ask the right questions if I don’t know what will make up the Bluewater project?” That’s what this site is for. We’re going to break down some of the concerns out there on the web to start clearing up these misunderstandings to begin seeing what’s Beyond the Bend.

Gosh, we love a good play on words.

You need to show up in-person to comment on the Bluewater Project.
Wrong. This is a tactic used by anti-energy groups to delay a project that ultimately results in taxpayers forking over cash when and if lawsuits start or to stall the permitting process. The intent is to delay construction and add project costs until it becomes uneconomical to build the infrastructure. This ultimately hurts communities that could have benefited from the construction and the project's economic output.
Building the pipeline will affect sea turtles and the local ecosystem.
The Bluewater Terminal project will build a pipeline on an existing and approved infrastructure right-of-way that has been used for over the last 40 years. It is not to be confused with the Port of Corpus Christi's dredging project being proposed in the harbor. For more on safety and the environment check out our blog page.
The pipeline will affect tourism.
No again. The pipeline will be built on the existing right-of-way that has been used for over 40 years. Fishermen and charter boats already know their way around it and have marked signs and buoys letting them know where the infrastructure is located.
Pipelines can't exist safely underwater.
False. Pipelines can and do exist safely underwater with rigorous environmental regulations and oversight. We've been using them to transport energy from oil and natural gas rigs offshore for decades and the intricacy of the network is a feat of engineering!